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My name is Vartan. I am a Web Developer from Los Angeles. I've started working with front end programming. Back-End programming was a huge interest for me. Right now, I am focused on full-stack development. I am passionate for Web Development, and I would like to be doing web applications with best performance, amazing design, and have a great user experience.

I'm writing clear, easy maintainable and portable code. Have HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MYSQL, MongoDB, ExpressJS, NodeJS, AngularJS, Swift skills and also I am familiar with MochaJS, Karma Unit Testing, Angular4, TypeScript, EcmaScript 6, Yii2 Framework, Laravel Framework.

Other Skills I have: Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Sketch, Google products, Apple Products, Microsoft Products.

I have been a self-learner, have good communications skills, focusing on details and also, I have ability to work independently. I will be happy to help to find solutions for any of your ideas or work.

When I am not working with Web Development, I am working on IOS Development, creating my own apps. (you can view my apps by clicking on the IOS Apps button).

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